Frequenlty Asked Questions.


What is a hashtag?
It's a special format of word like this: #hashtag. They are mostly used on Twitter and they are useful to identify a discussion, a topic, or anything.
What is a FREE battle?
You can create a free battle from the home page or from your dashboard. It only supports Twitter and count for the last 24h.
What is a CUSTOM battle?
A CUSTOM battle is a PREMIUM battle with more options. It's usualy used by professionals who need support and specific integrations and options. If you're interested, just contact us at [email protected] and we will generate a quote specific to your needs.
Do you count hashtags on Twitter?
Do you count hashtags on Instagram?
In FREE battles: no.

In PREMIUM battles: yes. We only count Instagram photos posted by public profiles containing hashtags in the original description. By default we only count on Twitter but you have to connect your Instagram account in "My Setting" and then select "Count on Instagram" in the battle setting.

In CUSTOM battles: yes.
Do you count hashtags on Facebook?
Not yet.
Do you count hashtags on Google+?
Not yet.
Are all hashtags counted?
For FREE battles: some hashtags can not be counted. The external service we use can ignore hashtags that were tweeted less than 20 times or are not trending. So, you can have a counter with 0 hashtag for unpopular hashtags.

For PREMIUM battles: all hashtags are counted since the battle starts.

For CUSTOM battles: (same as PREMIUM).
Can I upgrade my battle from FREE to PREMIUM or CUSTOM?
Of course: just change your setting in the battle configuration and pay with PayPal. You can also contact us at [email protected] if you have specific needs and need a CUSTOM battle.


Do you count hashtags on Instagram in comments?
Do you count a hashtag if I change the description of an Instagram photo?
Is the battle page working on tablets and smartphones?
Is there a maximum number of tweets?
No. We have handle battles with more than 1 million tweets in less than 24h so we got you covered.
Why some tweets are not counted?
Sometimes the Twitter API does not send a tweet containing one of your hashtags. This is very rare but it can happen. Some tweets are not counted because Twitter considers they contain sensitive content (text or images).
What is a classic battle creation?
1) You create a battle: login with Twitter, choose a plan, choose a layout, and add the hashtags.
2) At this point the battle is up and you have a uniq link. Example: This link will be online forever and you can share it.
3) If it's a free battle, you have nothing more to do. If it's a PREMIUM battle, the counter will be at 0. You need to pay to start the counter.
4) You pay with PayPal and wait 1 minute, the counter will start.
5) The battle will count the hashtags from the starting date to the end date. At the end date, the counter will just stop counting but the battle will still be online, forever.
Can I change the date of start/end of the battle? (PREMIUM and CUSTOM battles)
Yes, but once a PREMIUM or CUSTOM battle starts the counter starts as well. So you can only changs start/end dates if they are in the future.

Agencies and professionals

Can I get a demo of the PREMIUM or CUSTOM battle?
Yes. Create a battle in PREMIUM and open the "DEMO Battle Page" after creating the battle. You don't need to pay to access this page. You can configure the battle layout and have a DEMO page before paying. You can share the link of the DEMO battle to your collaborators if you need a validation before paying. After the PayPal payment, the real counter will start counting.
Can I have a PDF quote before paying?
Yes, you can download it in the "My Invoices" section after creating a battle.
Can I have a PDF invoice after paying?
Yes, you can download it in the "My Invoices" section after paying a battle.
How can I pay?
We currently support PayPal for PREMIUM battles. But we prefer wire transfer for CUSTOM battles since the price is generaly higher.
What is the currency?
Battles are priced in USD. PayPal handles the conversion from your currency to USD. Conversion fees will be applied by PayPal. You can pay in EUR for CUSTOM battles (wire transfer).
Who's actually using HashtagBattle?
A wide range of clients: medias, individuals, bloggers, sport teams, NGOs, event organizers and many more. HashtagBattle can be used for various kind of things. Be creative and let us know if you're doing something crazy, we'll be happy to showcase your battle!
Why should I use HashtagBattle and not another service?
We provide a straightforward service. It's easy to create a battle. We don't ask for useless informations, we don't care about your identiy or personnal informations, we only want you to create a battle quickly and have fun. It's not an advanced analytic tool but that's the goal: it's a simple tool to engage your audience and measure the buzz you're making on Twitter and Instagram.
Can I customize the battle page?
For FREE battles: you can change the colors of the bars, the counters, and the background. It's configurable in the settings of your battle and you don't need to write any code or have special skills.

For PREMIUM battles: (same as FREE). You can also add your own CSS to the page and have a full control over the look of the battle.

For CUSTOM battles: (same as PREMIUM). In addition, we can integrate your Photoshop or Sketch design. Do not hesitate to explain us what you need and we can make it happen.
Can I use a custom domain name or url for my battle?
For FREE battles: no.

For PREMIUM battles: yes. You can embed the battle anywhere thanks to an IFRAME. You're free to setup any URL you want and copy/paste our IFRAME widget code in your HTML.

For CUSTOM battles: (same as PREMIUM)
Can I access your API and make my own page?
For FREE battles: no.

For PREMIUM battles: no.

For CUSTOM battles: yes. We can unlock the access to our API if you request it.
Do you provide customer support?
For FREE battles: no. Everything is automated and there is no need for customer support.

For PREMIUM battles: basic support. We will answer your emails regarding invoicing or if you have any questions.

For PREMIUM battles: yes. You are a PREMIUM client, we provide phone support and email priority for you.
I want to create a lot of PREMIUM or CUSTOM battles, do you have a special pricing plan for that?
Of course, we have special clients who use HashtagBattle very often and we offer discounts for PREMIUM clients.
How to contact us?
If you want to suggest an idea or report an issue, please email us

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