We have a simple strategy to engage your audience on twitter and instagram.

Choose your hashtags and make them fight.

People immediately understand how to fight: they tweet or post with hashtags and see the counter change in real time.

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Engage your audience in the battle.

Share the battle, embed it, display it everywhere.
You bring the stage, they run the show.

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Gather precious metrics.

Export all the tweets in CSV or JSON and crunch them as you wish. We provide an easy to use API to query whatever you want. Like the most actives users in the battle.

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Big players use HashtagBattle.

Fight now.

Contact us and let’s discuss your needs for your next hashtag battle. Do not hesitate to ask us crazy stuff. We are ready to fight with you to create a massive buzz for your events. A standard battle starts at $999. We provide full support, design integration, API, and more.

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We have everything to integrate HashtagBattle into your system.

JSON API, scheduled and recuring battles, IFRAME, JS SDK and we scale like a charm.