Turn your audience into Heroes.

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How to create a battle

  • Connect with Twitter
  • Schedule a battle (start date, end date, and hashtags)
  • Brand your battle page and create a uniq design (optionnal)
  • Pay to start the counter
  • Share the battle unique link or embed it as an IFRAME in your website
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It just works

  • It's responsive and your audience will always have a great experience on mobile, tablet, desktop, and large screens.
  • The counter is updated every 5 seconds.
  • Add your own CSS and create something special.
  • You can embed the battle everywhere with an IFRAME, like a YouTube video.

API & Data Export

  • You can only use the data thanks to our API and create your own user experience
  • We provide an simple HTTP API endpoint (JSON)
  • Fetch your API endpoint every 5 seconds and create a realtime experience
  • The endpoint exposes the tweets, counter, and the raw Twitter JSON output

If you want to extract who was the most active users, most twitted words, picture or any information collected during the HashtagBattle. We provide:

  • A raw JSON export of all the tweets.
  • A CSV export (UTF-8) of all the tweets.



  • Unique URL to share
  • Compare 1 or 2 hashtags
  • Battle layouts: single or battle
  • Counter updated every 24h


per battle

  • Unique URL to share
  • Testable demo before paying
  • No historical data (start fresh)
  • Compare from 1 to 20 hashtags
  • Battle layouts: single, battle or ranking
  • Counter updated every 5 seconds
  • Change the colors of the battle
  • Count hashtags for 30 days
  • Full display customization with your own CSS
  • Embedable widget (iframe)
  • Download PDF invoices

  • All in PREMIUM
  • +
  • Export all data (JSON and CSV)
  • API Access
  • Integraton from your PSD/Sketch design
  • Setup assistance and phone support

Try it now

The counter is not updated in real time but it's fun to have an idea of the popularity of hashtags on Twitter.