HashtagBattle is the simplest way to engage your audience

Create a hashtag for your event and be creative


The simple HashtagBattle layout provides a clear contrast between hashtags.


Layouts are fully responsive. They work great on a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop, a TV, a projector, or your future iWatch?


The multi HashtagBattle widget is really useful for contest, simple statistics, or real-time feedback. Embed it everywhere and show that to your audience.

Track everything

Thanks to the new HashtagBattle, you can track anything you want on Twitter. You can use #hashtags, @mentions, or words.

•  Use a simple #hashtag
•  Combine: @mention AND #hashtag
•  From 1 to 20 queries

Simple and playful

We provide two clean layouts for your battles. Both template are Mobile Optimized and fluid. Embed it everywhere.

•  Simple #hashtag1 VS #hashtag2
•  Multi #hashtags ranking
•  Need a custom design? Possible!

Realtime counter analytics

Fresh counter every 10 seconds

They have used HashtagBattle

Some examples of creative usage



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