Why HashtagBattle?

This site is born from a friendly competition between two Startup Weekends held the same day in Sophia-Antipolis (France) and Lauzanne (Switzerland). We wanted to know which side would get more tweets.
Camille, co-organizer of the Sophia-Antipolis event, coded the first prototype of #HashtagBattle in one hour on a Friday night.
On saturday night, with some kind help from Damian, the prototype was tremendously improved and the first release was deployed!
We decided to continue this funny project and a nice adventure started...

Which tweets count?

We only count the Twitter hashtags that are significant and valid. Significant (to us) means a tweet that’s been retweeted or contains a link. Valid means we’ve removed any bots or spammy sources.

Here is some tips:
• Ask people to retweet your tweets
• Add links to your tweets
• Tweet interesting/useful/funny things!

How to contact us?

If you want suggest an idea or report an issue, please user our Feedback site.
Otherwise you can of course send us an .

The awesome Team


Camille Roux

28 y.o. - Human Coders cofounder - "I dream about Ruby on Rails every night"

Contact me: Twitter


Damian Le Nouaille

22 y.o. - Web Developer - "I'd like to call my son jQuery or CSS3"

Contact me: Twitter

Which technologies do we use?

Ruby on Rails of course! We also use CoffeeScript, JQuery, Backbone, HAML, CSS3, Compass ... We are hosted on Heroku. We are using the Topsy API to get the tweets count.


We can say how many we listen this crazy music, but it's a lot! This is our best motivational and inspirational song!